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Screens don't solve all problems

Sitting North playing in a high class teams game using screens you hold:





At red the auction proceeds:

S     W     N     E

1  3    4   5    (Note - 3 was a weak jump and your 4 bid was a transfer  to )

The tray then disappears under the screen and a very long pause ensues, agreed with your LHO as in excess of 60 seconds. Eventually the tray reappears showing the following:

S     W     N

5   P     ?

So what do you bid now?

1.   As I was going to pass 4 if we had had an unobstructed auction after my 4 bid, I should pass 5 now.

2.   I was going to make a move over pard's 4 bid so I should bid on, (either 5 or 5).

3.   I'll just bid 6 directly.

4.   As I'm clearly in receipt of UI due to the (obvious?) BIT from pard I should pass.

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