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Seating Seeding in clubs

Been reading the ACBL's Masterpoint Book (MPB). Probably a mistake. But I read something that makes me curious. I remember years ago one of the local clubs routinely seeded the game by putting little signs on every fourth table saying "1500+ MPs only". Another club occasionally did this. The rest ignored seeding. The MPB says that's fair enough. Nowadays though there is never any seeding. Instead probably half or more of the tables closest to the door have signs saying "reserved for so-and-so", meaning whoever so-and-so is, he or she is sitting NS at that table. BTW, I haven't seen a Howell here in a coon's age.

Anyway, that's background. What piqued my curiousity is this: "Seeding is not mandatory for any regular masterpoint games. All seating may be random by luck of the draw or on a first-come, first-served basis. Regular masterpoint games generally are not seeded, but all events with club championship or higher rating should be seeded."

Seating in our current situation is certainly not random by luck of the draw. I suppose it could be described as "first-come, first-served" even though it's not, really. I figure that if somebody needs to be stationary, that's fine — although I do wonder what we're going to do when the percentage that needs it exceed fifty. And I do wonder about "all events with club championship or higher rating". What does that include? (I know, I need to do more reading. Sheesh. I used to know this stuff.) I suppose such events could be seeded and give those who need it a stationary seat. In theory, anyway. In practice, I don't know.

Anyway, I was just curious to know if what we do here is fully within the rules, and what goes on in other clubs, and whether anyone considers seeding in clubs to be of any importance at all, even for "club championship or higher rating".

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