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Second Stayman

          I submitted a new convention to The Bridge World for publication, but the editor chose to pass.  I think it is useful and makes sense (what parent thinks his kid is ugly).  Please give it a read and let me know what you think.


          How do you bid a game going flat hand with a 4-card major when partner opens 1N?  Do you just jump to 3N or do you use Stayman?  If you choose to use Stayman and find a fit, will the hand play better in no trump anyway?  Is a puzzlement.  The answer is to ask opener!

         To do this I propose starting with 2C (Stayman) and after opener shows a major, responder’s 3C rebid be used as a Second Stayman (SS) inquiry. It asks opener to further describe his major suit holdings by showing the other major, rebidding a 5-card major, or failing that, rebidding 3D.  Over 3 of a major response, responder can bid game in partner’s long major; look for a slam in opener’s major or other major holding a hand too strong for an immediate jump to 3N over partner’s major with clubs and the other major; or bid 3N in a hand that was looking for a 5-3 fit.

          If opener’s rebid is 3D, he denies extra length in the majors. Responder can then bid the other major showing the slam try with clubs and the other major; bid 3N in a hand looking for the 5-3 major fit; or make a delayed raise to 3 of partner’s major as a game choice between 3N and 4 of the major with the square supporting hand.

          Using SS also allows responder to use Stayman without a 4-card major if searching for a 5-3 major fit, without wasting an initial 3C response as Puppet.

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