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Selection Problems

There is currently 'a local difficulty' in selection matters for the English ladies team.  

Trials were held and the team that finished second have been declared winners because the winning team played with a substitute for part of the competition ( due I believe to one member of that team having difficulty getting to the venue because of the extreme weather conditions in the UK last weekend).

I do not intend to comment on whether this was correct or not as I am sure I do not know all the relevant facts.

I do however have considerable experience of chairing selection committees not only for bridge teams but also rugby and quite understandably this means you are regularly criticised for the teams selected. You want your supporters to feel passionate about their team.

Sometimes the criticism you receive is ridiculous. An example  - I was once berated on a touchline for selecting 'Bloggins' . When I asked who they would have selected I was told Smith or Jones. Smith had a broken leg and Jones was  at his sisters wedding.

I believe the current position in England is the selection committee is responsible for the selection of all teams  - Open , Ladies and Junior.

I think it would be preferable to have three separate committees which would almost certainly mean that each committee would have a better and more detailed knowledge of the ability and suitability of potential players. This would imho also lead to fewer contentious decisions.

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