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Settle a Theory Question

It has long been my personal belief that if you have bids that fit into tight and descriptive ranges you should make them.  A partner of mine raised a point about a hand that still stuck with him from 15 years ago.


He opened AKxx Ax Jxxx Axx 1NT and it went all pass


Other table for some reason opened 1D, and over partner's 1S response with Qxxx xxx x KJxxx, rebid 3S which landed them in a very good game.


Now it is a good mesh and a fairly lucky thing, but there are certainly hands where you are playing 1NT instead of a good 4M.  This biased experienced has gotten him to open most 4423/4432 hands which have good major texture 1m. 


Apart from the "Don't go anti-field" argument, I'm finding it hard to argue with his reasoning.  For the most part this is an IMPs argument, but is this an issue that's been given serious study or thought?

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