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Shortest Board Ever

I'm curious to other people's shortest board ever. 

I've come close to the theoretical record last Saturday: two bids, passes included. 

I opened 1 and LHO promptly overcalled 1NT, duly alerted by RHO as an unknown long suit. While my partner was contemplating his options, I interjected subtly: "Weren't brown sticker conventions disallowed in this tournament?"

LHO responded: "Oh yes, but I don't think this overcall is brown sticker".

I tried: "If you don't mind, I'd like to ask confirmation to the TD"

"No problem", both opponents answered.

TD was called and confirmed it was a brown sticker convention (according to Belgian rules, at least): 60%+ for us on the board, 40% to them.

Did anyone do better or as well?

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