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Should Bridge Have Random Drug Testing?

All the recent discussion about cheating and spy technology is very troubling and I don't want to add to it, but I can't help wondering about something that doesn't seem to be on anyone's radar yet: the ingestion of illegal or prohibited drugs. If there's really as much cheating in the game as everyone seems to believe, it makes sense that cheaters would take advantage of anything undetectable in order to gain an edge.

Professional sports have had scandals over steroids, blood doping, etc., none of which I think apply to bridge. But there may be things that do apply.

Coffee is a perfectly legal stimulant and available at almost every bridge event I've ever played in. The energy drinks you can buy pretty much anywhere are also perfectly legal. There are, however, drugs (legal or illegal depending on one's location and/or doctor) that are known to enhance concentration and stamina. Some are said to induce euphoria and a feeling of invincibility.

I've searched the PDF of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge and found no mention of drugs or stimulants. I don't know whether or not international rules prohibit anything of that sort. Is anyone who has knowledge of this topic willing to speak up?

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