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Should have known better?

Yesterday North and East faced a very uncomfortable situation while being screen-mates.

South opened 1N, West bid something, and North passed. East entered the auction but E-W finally missed the vulnerable game.

In the post mortem West criticized East’s bidding based on the fact that the opening 1NT of South was weak. Which, as turned out, East was not aware of, since North (the screen-mate) did not alert. Still, North added immediately, East should have known better, as North-South play precision and this was the 11th board against each other. (Edit: this was the first time in the 11 boards that NS opened 1NT. The precision system was known.)

Director was called, score was adjusted.

What do you think?

Alert is a must. End of story. (Everyone has the right of not remembering the opponents system even in the 1111th board.)
No question, director has to follow the given rules. But above a level, after a number of boards... this is... strange.
Typical example of those situations where TD is used to save the day. Something should be done against this type of unethical behavior.

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