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Mid-chart conventions in unlimited pair events?

By default, unlimited pair events at regionals are restricted to the General Convention Chart.  A sponsoring organization can allow mid-chart conventions if they advertise they will be doing so.  

Please share your opinion on whether mid-chart conventions should be allowed in unlimited pairs events.

Mid-Chart conventions include:  Transfer Walsh, Woolsey, 3-way jump shifts, etc.  In an event governed by the General Convention Chart, you cannot use Transfer Walsh or 3-way jump shifts unless your opening bid shows 15+ HCP.  When the opponents open 1NT, you can play 2 as showing an unspecified suit, but you cannot play 2 as showing an unspecified major.

Here is a link to the ACBL's current convention charts: 

Please note mid-chart conventions judged to be complex, such as Multi, are excluded from pair events.  They require 6 board or 12 board rounds to be allowed in Mid-Chart events.  Also note conventions thought to be particularly hard to defend, such as Ekrens (a 4+ 4+ preempt in the majors), are banned from all Mid-Chart events.

Apologies to those outside of North America for an ACBL centric poll.

Mid-chart conventions should be allowed
Mid-chart conventions should be disallowed
Don't know or don't care
I don't play at ACBL regionals

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