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Should the Sion-Cokin team be stripped of tites?

There has been a lot written about other countries giving up titles not earned.   There has been a lot of talk of "blue ribbon" commissions.


How about these commissions right one of the oldest wrongs in Bridge?  (Gary Hahn et all have described the details for us so I won't repeat it)


Note:  This title is worse for me than Poland keeping the Bermuda Bowl.   Though qualification for the Bermuda bowl was likely influenced, the Bermuda Bowl itself appears to have been clean.   I'd like Poland to do the right thing.    In the case of the BAM that Sion Cokin won,  There is reasonable reason to believe they won Because of cheating.   Not just that there were cheats on the team, but actual results at the table were favorable due to cheating.

In my opinion, we have no right to complain about what went on in the EBL championships when we won't do the right thing in our own.  (Won't stop us from complaining, just lessens our voice).

Secondary question:  If you believe the titles should be stripped, are you willing to vote in a panel of ACBL board members to make sure that happens?

Yes. Strip titles of cheats
Yes. Strip titles of cheats if there is reasonable belief that they cheated in the event
No, let the cheats keep titles, its too late to change

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