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Should the USBC Start Mother's Day Weekend?

The USBF is attempting to determine whether to continue to schedule the Open USBC over Mother's Day weekend, as we did this year and will next year. We chose Mother's Day weekend to avoid conflicts with Regionals (there was one Regional held on Mother's Day this year, but every other weekend has more). However, some players don't like the Mother's Day start. We are trying to determine how many people prefer Mother's Day and how many people would prefer something else. 

USBF is primarily interested in the opinions of people who have played in the USBC or might play in the future, but in order to get information from as many people as possible, we are posting this poll as well as asking this year's players for their opinions. If you already responded to the poll sent to this year's players, please don't answer this poll as well.

If the USBC didn't start Mother's Day weekend, it would almost certainly start the following weekend, in order to give us time to hold the Senior USBC reasonably far in advance of the World Championship in the three years out of four when there is a Senior USBC. We are trying to choose a permanent date for the USBCs to make it easier for players to plan in advance to attend them.

I think it is great to have the USBC start Mother's Day weekend
I mildly prefer Mother's Day weekend
I don't care
I mildly prefer not having the USBC start over Mother's Day weekend
I hate having the USBC start over Mother's Day weekend

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