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Should the WBF continue to be headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland?

Yesterday, I heard an interview with the attorney for the Russian physician whistleblower who revealed the huge, systemic Russian Federation athletic doping scandal.  

This is relevant to bridge because this attorney expressed an opinion that the IOC Sports Arbitration Court should be investigated for corruption.  Thus, there is evidence not only that this special court (CAS) should confine itself to hearing doping cases (not bridge cases), but in addition, knowledgeable individuals suspect that that court is corrupt, and that if that problem is not addressed, "the Olympic ideal is dead."

Also yesterday, the WBF announced on its website that it will begin to sponsor robot games.  The WBF will collect 50% of the revenues, with the rest to be divided between NBOs and Zonal authorities.  The point was made that if dues are owed to the WBF, the WBF will keep the funds it is owed and afterwards disburse the rest to the other bridge organizations.

Meanwhile, as we were already aware, having the WBF headquarters in Lausanne (where the IOC headquarters are) leads to a murkiness about finances and other information, which the WBF is not obliged to reveal to members.

I have spent a day in Lausanne, and very much enjoyed it!  My trip to Switzerland was wonderful!

However . . .  (see title question):

Whatever -- I'm good with anything! I don't care how high dues go, where the WBF is headquartered, or whether it is run in an efficient or ethical manner.
I care about how the WBF is organized and run, but I think that it's fine to be headquartered in Lausanne and I trust the folks running it to do a good job.
I care about how the WBF is organized and run, and, while I am generally happy with the WBF it would be better to relocate headquarters to another jurisdiction.
Overall I am discontented with how the WBF is currently organized and run, and it might help if it were relocated and if there were more transparency.

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