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Should This Type of Action be Recorded?

Playing in a NABC pairs event in the past year, the auction was*:

- (P) P (P)

1M (2m) X (P)

3m (P) 3NT (ap)

There was nothing special to the play, but after the hand we realized that (a) the 2m overcall (by a player who "claimed" to have 30K MPs) was on a 1 HCP 5m-3-3-2 hand; and (b) advancer passed with AQx support and a balanced 12 HCP hand (that most would have opened in the first place).  This didn't feel much like real bridge to me. Is something like this worthy of a recorder form, or is this just extreme but acceptable activity at matchpoints?

* Note: The details are intentionally obfuscated (which M, which m, which event), because I haven't decided whether to name the players at this time. You cannot use vague bids like 1M in the hand diagram tool.

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