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Showdown in Vilnius?

Slightly surprising, no one has mentioned on BridgeWinners that Vilnius Cup is underway and FS is on Team Vytas.

First bulletin contains this text:

"Official disclaimer from Mr.V.Vainikonis. The world-known pair Lotan Fisher – Ron Schwartz has been playing for my team Vitas throughout several recent years. Still, taking in consideration the fact that they have found themselves in the middle of a doubtful situation (Ethics Committee of the Israel Bridge Federation vs. formal review initiated by the Norwegian Bridge Federation vs. public disclaimer from Mr. Fisher and Mr. Schwartz), let me, as the main organizer and host of this tournament, decide either this pair will play in the VV Cup or not. I am going to undertake this decision in the very last moment suitable – depending on the current matter of course and considering all the public information available. Highly appreciate your understanding, VV"

Are they currently there, in person(s)?

Will they be asked to play by Mr V?

Will they then play together despite announcing they wouldn't...?

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