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Today, I read a comment that mirrored my own thoughts. If bridge organizations must, for whatever reasons, take years to find enough evidence to convict cheaters, then perhaps another method is more expedient.  Shun that pair.

This is not a scientific approach.  It depends upon experts comparing notes with one another - the "whisperings".  And I see many flaws with it, as I well imagine others will point out.

Yet, such an approach would have one excellent aspect:  honest competitors, which I believe to be the great majority of NABC players, would not have to have results stolen from them as the wheels of justice roll oh so slowly.

People already choose to not play with people whose game they believe is well below their own - or whose personas may be so officious that they do not wish to have them as a teammate.  Surely they then also choose to say, "this person's ethics are suspect. We will go elsewhere for teammates" - can they not?

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