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Signalling with the board and/or tray when siting East West. Israel v Italy

North South usually control the movement of the tray back and forth during the bidding.  However when the bidding is finished, it is not unusual for East or West to remove the tray and occasionally place the board.

Here is a link to a video of Israel versus Italy in 2nd round of 2014 European Championships in Croatia where Schwartz/Fisher are sitting East West. They sat East West in only 5 of the 17 matches they played in 2014 Championship and in the 2012 Europeans always played North South. For the vast majority of boards, the Italian South, Valerio Giublio moves the tray and also removes it at the end of the bidding and places the board in the center. However, on board 11 Italy bids 6D (terrible slam but that is really not relevant) and Schwartz is on lead. When the tray arrives on Fisher’s side of the table (time 1 hour 31 minutes on video) at the end of the bidding he immediately takes the board off the tray and keeps it on his side of the table invisible to Schwartz. Giublio as usual takes the now empty tray and removes it. This forum has told us that this placement of the board by Fisher/Schwartz is a club signal and Fisher holds

AQxxx clubs and K10x of trumps. Schwartz leads a club.

It appears Fisher even when sitting West has managed to give a club signal by his placement of the board and he definitely wants a club led.

Link to Israel v Italy Closed room


Here is a link to Board 11 and all four hands


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