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Simple question - What honor is "standard"?

You are defending a NT contract. Dummy to your right has Qxx of Clubs. You hold AJ10xx of Clubs. Declarer leads a low club. Unless you were falsecarding, I thought it was standard to play the 10. Yet 2 very good players, one from the west coast and one from New York, insisted it was "standard" to play the Jack from this holding. I don't think I've ever heard of that idea before.

What is "standard" where you play?

What would be the reasoning for playing the Jack? Is it to try to convince declarer that you hold AJ doubleton? You could just as easily play the 10. Doesn't Declarer have just as much reason to play you for A10 doubleton as AJ doubleton?

Is there some other reason? What am I missing here?

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