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SIMSON is USA 2 for Senior Bowl

Congratulations to the SIMSON team (Doug Simson-Jeff Aker,Marc Zwerling-Mark Tolliver, Jerry Clerkin-Dennis Clerkin) who defeated STREET (Paul Street-Marc Jacobus, Mike Passell-Eddie Wold, Bart Bramley-Lew Stansby) in the USA 2 final.

After 4 of the 6 segments (60 out of the 90 boards) SIMSON held a commanding 47 IMP lead (145-98). STREET, however,rallied in the 5th segment to erase the entire lead and then some. They picked up 55 IMPs in the 5th segment and led by 8 IMPSwith 15 boards to play. SIMSON regrouped and proceeded to wallop its opponents in the final segment 72-10 and emerged victorious by a final score of 228-174.

Although this may be purely coincidental, it is interesting to note that the team with seeding rights won every segment by at least 25 IMPS, other than the first segment. The scores of each segment are available here on the USBF website.

SIMSON will joinMILNER(Reese Milner-Hemant Lall,Bob Hamman-Mark Lair,Michael Rosenberg- ERROR: UNKNOWN USER "zia-mahmood" IN INTERNAL PROFILE LINK. Try username, email, or FIRSTNAME LASTNAME.) as the USA's two representatives in the Senior Bowl in Chennai, India this fall.

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