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Sins in bridge

Since I don't know enough suggested answers, I'd like to query BW community on what they think "common sins" in bridge are. I don't mean making bad bids or bad declarer play or bad defense. Poor technique is not what I'm after

I am inspired by the Smith-article, and common grouches on odd/even carding that pop-up.

What Bids, systems or carding are common that often lead to Break-in-tempo to director calls and then committees?

Pet-hates and anecdotes are welcome!

I just want to be aware what to look out for.

My initial suggestions are:

Unclear forcing pass situations (a quick pass is forcing, a slow pass is non-forcing!)

O/E discards (magical odd or even cards after tanking, although I've never actually faced this problem)

Smith echo (if the echo is slow enough, maybe it's suit preference instead!)

Other echos.

Opponents ask "is that a natural bid?" (In an un-alerted natural auction of course) I refer to this as "Opponent echo".

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