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Skill, Luck, and Bridge

I don't believe that anyone frequenting this site would argue against the assertion that bridge is a game of skill. Further, it is extremely unlikely that anyone would deny the assertion that Dame Fortune also plays a role.

Here's a recent hand that shows that Luck isn't always a lady and can punish a skillful attempt:

N: AK5 109 107 KQJ952

S: Q10984 AK87 AJ A8

The auction was (with the opponents passing):

1S - 2C

2H - 4S

4N - 5H (4130, 2 without)

5N - 6C (tell me more, CK)

6D - 7C (anything else?, y - even more in C)


For the mathematically inclined, this contract is well over the percentage breakpoint where a grand should be bid. Alas, clubs were 5-0 offside and 7C went down . What was particularly galling was that 90% of the field didn't get to ANY slam and those that did settled into a 6S contract. Frankly, I would rather be in 6NT or even 7NT than 6S, on a risk vs rewards basis at matchpiont scoring.

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