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Slow Play, a day behind the “ Flash”

every morning when you read the daily bulletin there is a small topic about slow play, “ slow play, especially habitual slow play, is a violation of law and subject to penalty” How does it work in the real world? The second session of the Kaplan Blue ribbon pairs I had the pleasure of sitting EW and following “ the Flash” First round, with 2 minutes on the clock the round is called, we try to change tables but they just started bidding their 2nd board. I call the Director. 2nd round, we only have to wait 5 minutes this time, I call the director again. 3rd round the same as well as the 4th round. 5th round is only a minute late, thanks to the hospitality break. I called the director 7 times, the only thing he told me was they had noted my concern.......In total the Flash was late 9 out of 12 rounds. (maybe round 13 as well but I didn’t care, that was the last round.

how can directors let this happen? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely don’t mind if a pair is late once in a while, some boards are more difficult, time consuming, then others. But playing match points, 2 boards a round, horrifying.  Funny side fact, in one of the rounds where we started only 4 minutes late, we had a difficult board and the bidding took a least 4 minutes, so we had only 7 minutes or so left on the clock. My opponent called the director and he started pushing us....... This is insane, everybody has 15 minutes for 2 boards, no more, no less. If you can’t play by the rules, don’t play. 

I don’t know what it does to other players but it surely affects me, I feel rushed, have to hurry to be on time, don’t think I play at my best in those circumstances. 

What do other players think? What is the solution? Take away boards? Give them a zero score on a non played board? I bet you it would be over quickly.

in the past boards have been taken away in KO team matches. The time is way less important to the field, it’s only irritating for the 2 teams directly involved and maybe for the directors who have to work longer. Why can they enforce the rules in team matches but not in MP sessions?


what can we do?

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