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Smolen over 2NT

I have encountered differences of opinion in the common Smolen sequence over 2NT(20-21or22), i.e. 2NT-3C-3D-3H showing a gameforce (or better) with 5S and 4H.   Those of you who refuse to play Smolen, having replaced it with Puppet, Muppet or Moppet, etal. need not reply.   

One question is whether you are compelled to bid 3NT with less than 3S, that is, could you bid 3S with something like AJ AKx xxx AKQxx, or, for those a bit more extreme who cannot bring themselves to open 1C,  how about AQ AKx xx AQJxxx.

Another question is, if you do hold 3S how do you distinguish a minimum or average hand from a slammish maximum?  Cuebid with a max?, Jump to 4S with a max? Bid 3S with a max and 4S with a min?   Does a jump to 4S even exist, and if so is it min, max, strng trumps?

Please opine, and if I haven't covered every possibility, please comment. 

(And I don't think the form of scoring should matter here)

3S doesn't necessarily promise 3S, cue with 3S and a max
3S promises 3S, but cuebid with a max
3S promises 3S, but jump to 4S with a max
3S promises 3S and a max, 4S shows any min
3S promises 3S and a max, 4S shows min with strong spades

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