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So What Do You Do With a Good Hand?

Many of you voted in the problem I posted a couple of days ago:  

And much to my chagrin, most voted for bidding 3 on an aceless 11 count with good defense against the spades bid on your right.  I still do not understand why so many think it is  best to bid 3 here. But then, I had another question for all who did.

What are you supposed to do with a hand with heart support, yet not enough to force to game?

Suppose you were dealt:  

Or - a wide number of other hands with extra values - yet, not a game forcing hand.What do you do over 2?  Isn't there really no other choice than 3?

I imagine some of you answer, "Well, I just bid 4 and hope for the best."  But .... why?  Give partner Q10, Jxxx, xxx, KJxx, a perfectly normal 1 response and I sure would not want to be in game on these hands.

So - thanks in advance for all the 3 voters for letting me know how partner can distinguish between your 3 bid on the actual hand I posted earlier - and on the myriad of better than a minimum openers you might hold.

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