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Software for tournament organizer to prove honesty

Recently I published an article about a Tournament Organizer to prove honesty in making deals.

This project might go ahead. A slightly modified version of BigDeal will see the light sometime soon, and accompanying software will provide two things:

1) Organizing generating hands in a consistent fashion

2) Provide framework for publishing info for the proof.


The software makes and organizes a file such as this:

TS aqoGi3sTEUBCIgI4DmtPpfZQhVSwtOcbze0efJpK

DI Dow Jones April 30, 2019

SN 11:1-10,11-20,21-30:whrr##:Round Robin #/11

SN 6:1-10,11-20,21-30:whif##:Intermediate Final #/6

SN 2:1-14,15-28:whqf##:Quarter Final #/2

SN 2:1-14,15-28:whsf##:Semi Final #/2

SN 3:1-14,15-28,29-42:whfn##:Final #/3


where TS is the tournament secret(a large random string), DI is the information used together with TS and individual session SN to make the hash to generate the hands.


Currently this software is not so robust, but it will be.


Apart from stirring up debate whether this is useful at all, my main concern is currently to find a catchy name for this software.

Actually the name BigDeal was not thought of by me, but by a journalist. So this is your chance to think of a name for this.

If you think it will never catch on you could say so too. This is currently my hobby project. But then again, so was BigDeal more than twenty years ago.


Hans van Staveren

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