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Soliciting ideas for a spring event preceding the NAP flight B and C finals

Disclaimer: I am on neither the C & C committee nor the NABC Review committee, so please  limit your expectations on what your advice will achieve.

That said, the NAP finals in both flights B and C is again on the second weekend of the spring NABC.    I solicit ideas for what would be a  popular event that precedes the NAP B/C finals.   In the not too distant past the Red Ribbon pairs used to be such a Spring NABC event, but the Red Ribbons has moved to the summer.    

The only constraints I place on this event is that it be oriented towards flight B and C players - not necessarily exclusively - and that the event starts no later than Thursday afternoon.

My goal - but feel free to substitute your own goal - is to initiate an event that is very popular with the flight B/C target market - i.e. the event induces partnerships to arrive two days early to play at the NABC.   Rational outside-the-box thinking is encouraged.

After 24 hours, I'll post my own thoughts.

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