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Solution To NABC Starting Times: EVERYONE Can Have What They Want

I had an inspiration. For NABC+ events, why not compromise and give everyone what they want, at least most of the time?

There's no law that says all KO matches in the Vandy / Spingold need to start at the same time. Likewise, there's no law that all tables in the qualifying days of a Swiss or Pairs events must start at the same time. So here's my idea.

For the NABC+ KOs, set up TWO brackets, each containing half the teams. One bracket starts all its matches at 10:00, the other starts all matches at 1:00. When teams enter, they can elect "early start," "late start," or "don't care." Any team that elects early or late gets put into its preferred bracket. Any team that elects "don't care" can be put in either bracket, as needed, to ensure an equal number of teams on both sides of the draw. Each bracket is seeded separately. That allows everyone to play all matches except the final at their preferred time. The final would be played at a compromise starting time of 11:30. (Alternatively, we could merge the two brackets at the semifinal stage instead of waiting for the finals.)

For the NABC+ Pairs and Swiss events, all QUALIFYING DAYS would work the same way: you elect your start time. Once again, the final day would be a merged field with a compromise 11:30 start (obviously, if the final occurs on the final Sunday it would start earlier -- just like it already does).

The only downside is slightly greater salary costs:  there would be more sessions each day in these events so we'd need more directors to staff them. That cost can be covered by charging a slightly higher daily session fee to each team that elects "early" or "late" start (perhaps $10 per player per day?).  Teams that elect "don't care" would either pay the normal fee or they could receive a discount (perhaps $5 per player per day?). Charging a lower entry fee for electing "don't care" should also ensure that we'll have enough flexibility -- i.e., enough "don't care" entries -- to put an equal number of teams in both brackets.

Finally, if desired for KOs, we could have the seeding committee assess the strength of each bracket before "don't care" teams are assigned. That way, if one bracket is weaker based on "early / late" elections, we could put more of the strong "don't care" teams in the weaker bracket to balance the strength.  The brackets won't be 100% balanced, of course, but that's already true; our seeding system isn't all that precise as it is.  

What do people think? Is this idea crazy, or is it a relatively simple compromise that lets EVERYONE enjoy NABCs by playing on a schedule that fits his/her body clock and social preferences?

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