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Some help needed.

I have recently been going to the Intermediate Game about 2 hours early. I have two pairs of Intermediates play several boards. Usually, there are about 4 people watching. They do not play a set number, just what we can get through. Actually, we spend most of the the time discussing what happened and what might have happened. I do NOT teach conventions. There were lessons for Novices/Intermediate in the past and I got very irritated at the amount of time spend teaching conventions. But, as a result of discussions I lead before the Intermediate Game, I now have lots of them asking me questions about conventions.

Tonight, I had a email asking how high one should play support doubles. Okay, I would not even have brought up Support Doubles for Intermediate/Novices. But when they ask, I feel compelled to answer. But I don’t know how high one SHOULD play Support Doubles since I don’t normally  play them. So I need input. And I would love to have your comments ( I originally had COMPLAINT written there.)

How high should they play support Doubles?


Should NOT play support dbls
Thru 2
Thru 3
Thru 3
Thru 3
Thru 3
Thru 2

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