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Some words from Monaco

After nearly ten years of close partnership with the Monaco Bridge Fed (FMB), which have seen a lot of great successes and the creation of major events in Monaco, as the Cavendish or the Winter Games, Pierre Zimmermann has chosen to play now for his birth country, Switzerland, as soon as the regulations of WBF and EBL will allow it.

We fully respect his heart's choice, and wish to Pierre and his future teamates the greatest victories. We thank Pierre for what we've achieved together: this would not have been possible without the will of both sides, it allowed us to have a lot of great moments and the difficulties we faced together have created very strong links of friendship.

It's clear that these links will not be broken by this decision, as Pierre will remain an active Partner of the FMB at the local level, as he will still support the events that we created together and of course he'll be an active player of these events.

Through this partnership, based on the full respect of the WBF and EBL regulations, Pierre Zimmermann and the FMB have proposed a new route for the international bridge and opened new opportunities for professionnal top players: if some will probably welcome with pleasure the end of our atypical, or even controversial, project, some others will maybe take over, under same or different form. We want to encourage them, because bridge needs, at each level, active sponsors and innovative operators, as Pierre Zimmermann and FMB have been and will be."

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