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Source of PBN/Deal Files + matchpoint results?

Hi all,

One thing I've started doing occasionally is playing bridge a couple friends and using the common game to create create boards and then matchpoint against. This lets us essentially play duplicate with just 1 table. We typically play 10 boards and compare 3 times for ~30 boards (36 when feeling ambitious) and then determine a "winner" based on the results along with a % for each pair. It also allows for more interesting discussion when we have results from other games to compare against.

However, one issue we've had is that the common game field as a whole tends to be a fairly weak field compared to, for example, regional or especially NABC level events. Bidding an obvious game or slam is frequently 70-80% of the matchpoints.

Does anyone know of any good sources of deals + matchpoint results that would still provide a good range of results but preferably with a stronger field for comparison? NABC events would be ideal, but regional pair events or even larger sectional pair events seem like they would be great as well. It seems like they have to be floating out there somewhere, just not sure who to ask/talk to/etc to track them down. It doesn't need to be ACBL obviously, any strong pair event/world championship pairs/etc with deal file + matchpoint results would be awesome.

Thanks for any pointers/suggestions/etc!

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