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The "Sport Accord" is now in its third year. It is intended to become a prestigious international event: four countries are invited to send teams of six to China in mid-December for both an open and a ladies event consisting of a team game, a pairs game and an individual. The event lasts about a week. As far as I know, expenses are covered and there is reasonable though not lavish prize money.

The US is one of the countries in both series as is China. The other two were typically the two most recent world champions. The USBF procedure has been for pairs to "self-nominate" and then an "election" in which all recent (5-years) participants in the late stages of the trials are eligible to vote. Details of the voting procedure can be found on the USBF web site ( The first year nine pairs nominated themselves in the open, I think seven in the ladies. In both elections the first two pairs were nearly unanimous choices, selection of the third was very close. Last year I believe there were seven pairs offering themselves for each event. The voting pattern was similar.  

Obviously I posted too late here. And other publicity was not adequate. We have four pairs who submitted themselves for each event. I won't tell you who they are, only that they are not any of the pairs whom you or I would consider among the top five American pairs. I find this sad. What i am looking for is suggestions as to how the self-nominated field could be increased in both quality and depth for 2014, if indeed there is a 2014.

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