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Spring NABC Schedule

I have some serious issues with the schedule of the nationals.


The two open secondary eventsare a NABC+ Senior event and an NABC+ Mixed event.  Meaning that if you are eliminated or inelligible for the Platinums, you are out of luck if non-senior.


But worse, if you are eliminated from the Vanderbilt, you might as well just go sightseeing until Thursday if your partner is not a mixed gender.  


The mixed events are highly discriminatory in a completely arbitrary manner and need to be removed post-haste.  Running one as the only choice for the day is just terrible scheduling and asking for a non-mixed pair to buy entry and file a suit if denied.  


Whenever a gender or age discrimating event is run, it should be automatic that an open event is started at the same time.  Seriously. 

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