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"Standard" meaning of advancer's jump after redouble e.g. (1Y) X (XX) ?

The usual meaning as I understand it of a jump by the advancer of a takeout double and a pass by responder is a good 8 to 11 hcp. 

How does this change after a redouble by responder?  In the absence of an alert, assume the traditional meaning of the redouble 10+ points, tending not to show a fit for opener i.e. not a transfer.

With opponent's having opened and redoubled around a one-level take out double, advancer can scarcely have more than 4-6 points.

One leading writer says "When your RHO redoubles...a jump bid by you is longer invitational...shows a weak hand with good playing strength”. With very little by way of hcp this has to be a long suit and some shape.

Is this a generally accepted view?  Or does the jump suggest someone in the auction, most likely redoubler, is lying?

Advancer's jump shows a weak hand with good playing strength - length and shape
Some one is lying in this auction, advancer's jump has the same meaning as without the redouble
Other. Hopefully you will describe in your comments.

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