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Standard Turkish?

I have just played at one of my clubs with a gentleman from Turkey. It was a surreal experience!. He spoke virtually no English. He did not have his system card - perhaps it was in Turkish!

Our agreements were: 5-card Majors, 15-17 NT, Red Suit Transfer - that's it!

NO Stayman - a first in my experience!

He wanted to play some kind of Blackwood but I could not understand what. He seemed to be a strong player but most of the time I was just guessing what to do.

Apparently he has played at this club before. It would be helpful to his potential partners if they could know what his bidding means! The only clues I have are the System Cards of the Turkish Seniors in Wuhan.

So, can someone point me to a Standard Turkish System Card (in English) or post a summary of usually played conventions?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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