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Stop cards, screens and coffee-housing

On LoukVerhees' thread "Ethics, what is allowed" I think I spotted a problem that only occurs in play with screen.I am surprised that no-one has picked up on it so either I'm wrong or I haven't explained myself properly. So in case its the latter....

Playingwithout screenswhen a STOP bid is made everyone gets to see it; they can then utilise the stop period to prepare their own bids in the common scenarios (next player doubles or passes, the bid is raised or passed, etc).If the next player passes and then the partner of the jump bidder tanks before passing it would now seem fairly obvious what they are up to if they don't actually have a great deal to think about...

Playing with screens it depends who made the STOP bid. Since N&W are on the same side of the screen if North or South makes a STOP bid then everyone will be aware of the STOP card at the time the tray is passed under the screen and the STOP period commences. So not really any difference from the non-screen situation.However if East orWest makes a stop bid then the players on the other side of the screen are only aware of it AFTER the stop period has elapsed. Now its much harder for the next player to play in tempo and because of this an increased risk that coffee-housing can go undetected.

There is a straightforward solution which is to add a second stop period after the tray is passed when East or West makes a STOP bid.

Hope this makes sense!

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