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Stopping short of game after opening a strong 2

What percentage of the time, after your side opens 2, do you stop short of game?

I find the percentage was so small, that I find much more benefit in playing it game forcing (except after a 2NT rebid).  

I realize I'm in a very small minority in this thinking (not the first time), but I think that this allows you to open two-suiters when others can't and gives you more room for responder to show support on other hands, or even show his own suit, without ever worrying about being passed short of game.

Of course I'm eager to hear why you think this method is silly, but I'm more interested in seeing how often you think you stop short of game after opening 2.

Insignificant amount of the time. Would consider playing 2 GF, or already do
Less than 5%
Between 5% and 10%
Between 10% and 15%
Over 15%

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