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Straw Man; BW June Editorial

Bridge World June 2018 editorial is by Danny Kleinman. He starts his editorial by stating that Law 20F5(a) defines that mistaken explanation includes alerts or announcements not required by the regulations. Thereafter he describes the the problems arising from this (general) definition.

The problem is that DK attacks a straw man.

The law 20F5(a) is still the same as in law 2007:

A player whose partner has given a mistaken explanation may not correct the error during the auction, nor may he indicate in any manner that a mistake has been made. ‘Mistaken explanation’ here includes failure to alert or announce as regulations require or an alert (or an announcement) that regulations do not require.

The inclusion here is to explicitly state that it is not allowed for a player to correct their partner during the auction with a statement like "It's not alertable". The inclusion of alerts/announcements not required by regulations covers only this context.

Disclaimer: I'm not a member of WBF/EBL laws committee.

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