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Suggestion for attracting younger players.

I was thinking.  The average age of the ACBL members is like 71 or something like that, which is crazy.  To be brutally honest, that makes bridge a "dying game".


I love the game of bridge and I think it's a great game.  The problem for me is the medium in which it's played in.  Most of bridge is played in like dingy retirement centers on a weekday morning when students are in school and working adults are well... working.  The atmosphere feels more like a social outing for retired people than a place of competition.


I was thinking maybe we can make bridge more like a video game with tutorials and levels and achievements.  Maybe add in a few "boss" level hands to test your skill.  Then once players are done with the tutorial phase then get thrown in with open competition and a ladder system where you get matched with and against players of similar skill level.  As you get better you move up the ladder to higher ranks and play with better players.  The best performers can qualify for invitational tournaments and anyone can pay to join open tournaments.

Maybe hire a world class game developer company like blizzard, EA games, or sony and make a visually attractive game with an interactive user interface.  It won't be cheap, but I think it's a good idea.

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