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Suit Up - New WBF Dress Code

The World Bridge Federation has released its dress code for the upcoming World Championships. No longer will teams be permitted to participate without their official uniforms, and this policy will be enforced with fines and victory point penalties. The official dress code is stated below.

8. Dress Code
NBOs are asked to take note of the recognition of Bridge as a Sport by the IOC and requests that players should, at all times, be dressed appropriately:

8.1 World Bridge Teams Championships & World Bridge Games
In the World Bridge Teams Championship (Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, D’Orsi Senior Bowl, Ortiz-Patiño Trophy, Damiani Cup, Rona Cup) and in the World Bridge Games (previous Olympiad), it is obligatory for all teams to adopt the following dress code:

8.1.1 Formal Occasions
The WBF has a policy which seeks to encourage Federations to provide Teams, which participate in World Championships, to be dressed in appropriate uniforms which incorporate a badge or emblem identifying the country which those players represent.

8.1.2 Playing rooms
Everyone entering the playing rooms is obliged to wear the official identification badge provided by the organization. In case of loss the organisation will provide a duplicate badge at a cost of €5.00

8.1.3 Publicity
The team uniform must contain its Federation logo and may contain discreet sponsor logos

All players, captains and coaches of participating teams are required to wear T- shirts, polo shirts, shirts or blouses that are of the same colour and contain the Federation’s logo. Team members must be supplied with sufficient changes of clothing to ensure that they look smart and presentable at all times. If sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts are used they must be of the same colour and carry the Federation’s logo. All players are expected to be respectably dressed and are also required to follow the instructions given by the TD. Any player, captain or coach not respecting the dress code into the playing area will receive a warning on the first occasion and a subsequent breach will result in that team being fined 2 VP, plus a fine of €100. This penalty is mandatory. Failure to pay the fine will result in that person being prohibited from entering the playing area.


Note that this is a significant change from the prior General Conditions of Contest, which said:

Dress Code
NBOs are asked to take note of the recognition of Bridge as a Sport by the IOC and requests that players should, at all times, be dressed appropriately; this is particularly the case at the Opening Ceremony and at the Prize Giving Ceremony or Victory Banquet, when it is expected that teams should at least be uniformly dressed even if a team uniform is not available. Participants in pairs and individual events are expected to be smartly dressed, with a jacket and tie for male players and the equivalent style of dress for the women players. During play appropriate dress would, for example, be an open?necked shirt, or a smart polo or sweatshirt worn with trousers or skirt as appropriate.

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