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Super Acceptance after 1NT Opening and Minor Suit Transfer

Most of us play super-accepts after a 1NT Opening and a major suit transfer; e.g. 1NT - 2D (transfer) -3C (doubleton club and 4+ hearts and maximum NT).

Most of us also play "acceptance" or "pre-acceptance" after a 1NT Opening and a minor suit transfer; e.g. 1NT - 2S - (2NT or 3C) means "I like clubs."

I propose this auction as a "super-accept" of a minor-suit transfer - 1NT - 2S or 2NT - 3NT. The 3NT bid shows specifically AKxx (or AKxxx or Axxxxx) in responder's minor. Generally, responder will pass with an Ace (or perhaps with a King) outside his 6 c minor and 3NT will be a good contract. If responder is broke; e.g. xx, xxx, xx, Qxxxxx he will retreat the 4 of his minor (clubs in this case) and the partnership will still be in compliance with "the law."

This bid also applies in competition with opener promising the opponents' suit stopped.

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