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Superb Sportsmanship

Boye Brogeland demonstrated again in the final session of the LM Pairs in Atlanta why he deserved the Sportsman of the Year award he won a few years ago.  Early in that session he opened the bidding with 1.  I held KQxx KJx AJx Axx and bid 1nt.  PP double by Boye. P 2 by Esven P 2 p 2 PPP.  Boye played it very well to make the contract.  (to beat it I have to lead one of my heart honors either initially or after leading the A and when in later underlead my KQxx of spades--obvious only to Deep Finesse :) .

A few rounds later during a break, Boye came up to me and said he thought there might be a problem on the hand.  They were playing that his double specifically showed club shortness and when Esven didn't alert he might have subconsciously been pushed in the direction of bidding rather than passing.  I was deeply impressed by this--no way we would have known that if he hadn't told us.  He hadn't told us this before my opening lead because he wasn't sure that double was alertable.  Knowing it did show club shortness would not likely have changed anything on my opening lead.

We turned this over to the TDs who came back and reverted the contract to 2, 80% making and 20% down 1.  The kind of ruling directors live for :) .

Anyway, this pushed Boye even higher in my estimation as both a bridge player and a person.  Was rooting for him to win the event if we couldn't

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