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Sweden should not have played in the knock out phase


As pointed out by Daniel Miles, Sweden has made the knock out phase only because of a scoring error.

So to travesty another post:

Sweden's decision to play in the knock out phase was both offensive and disgraceful. We all want to play in the knock out phase of Bermuda Bowl, but first you need to earn your place, and they could be certain that they had. Nor can they claim they they checked the scores carefully directly after the match, it was easy for anyone in the team to get a copy of the result, and would have been even easier for their team manager. For them to ignore information about a clear scoring error is reprehensible and spits in the face of the current efforts to clean up the game we all love.  With special thanks to Mr Roy Welland.

Thus ends the rant.

Of course I just might not be serious. It's not Sweden's fault that the official scorers didn't get things right.  Sometimes, all to frequently it would appear, it's the officials, not the players, who have the biggest influence.  But that's a minor point.  Please, let us continue bashing the Polish team - after all, it's their fault that Balicki and Zmudzinski got accused a day before the event, that the official evidence still remains secret, that WBF and PBF didn't tell them to withdraw, and, what seems to be most offensive, they simply played bridge.

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