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Swiss teams - with hand records, bridgemates and less waiting time - it IS possible!

Just wanted to praise a welcome change (albeit local only, so far). This weekend we played Swiss in the Santa Clarita sectional, David White was directing. There were bridgemates and hand records. It was far smoother, and better run Swiss game than I ever experienced in the ACBL land. It was also much more fair (since all matches played the same boards and had the same swings available) and the seating was out 1 minute after the last table put in the last board. It did not require a more spacious seating, nor did I feel that the noise level particularly compromised results - to the contrary, the fact that you did not need to compare meant that less people were discussing hands and more were using the time to go to the bathroom (seating as I said was very fast, so no long breaks between matches). We also finished earlier than usual, and had a nice lunch break.

Funny enough, apparently, this is how Mr. White runs his local Swiss games - so his novices were well adept at it while the ones that came from further clubs were somewhat puzzled at the beginning. 

I just wish ACBL took notice, and may be started thinking in that direction for the regional and national events!!! Apparently the spell is lifting - it can be done on this continent as well.... just a matter of willingness.


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