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"Systems on" or "Front of card" after NT overcall

Suppose you are playing with a new but good partner.  As you fill out your ACBL convention card, you agree to check the "Systems On" box by the 1NT overcall.

1.  Does that mean that when you overcall RHO's 1 with 1NT and LHO passes, every call by partner has the same meaning as had you opened 1NT and LHO passed?  (for example, partner's 2 call does not exist other than as a transfer to hearts, and partner's 2 is a transfer to spades?)  I assume yes, though expect some pairs may assign additional meaning to 2.

2.  If that is so, and again assuming no other discussion with this good but new partner, if RHO opens 2 (weak) and you overcall 2NT, is 3 natural and forcing, natural and nonforcing, or a transfer to hearts?

3.  What are the best meanings (after discussion) for 3 and 3 after you have overcalled 2 (weak) with 2NT?

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