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T-Walsh: responding with a weak Flannery hand

Partner opens 1 (12-14 or 18-20 bal, or natural). You have


You play T-Walsh so you respond 1. Partner rebids 1 which you play as 12-14 bal OR 11-17 with 3-card support. This may seem a bit overloaded but you still have a lot of bidding space, and it takes a lot of presure off the other rebids. For example, they could rebid 1NT with 18-20.

To make the best of the badly needed bidding space, you agreed to play that 1 now would be a relay, ostensibly 8-10 with four hearts and fewer spades, but it also contains strong hands. So your choices are

1NT: 7-10 with 4-4 majors

2: 7-9(10) with 5+ hearts

So, do you pick your poison or do you have a gadget to deal with this?

No further gadgets. 1NT or 2 it is
I can now show this hand via the artificial 1
I can now show this hand via 2 or 2.
I could have shown this hand in first round with a 2 response or something else
I want to play 1 now as natural and forcing
I play opener's transfer accept as showing 3-card support so I don't have this problem
I refuse to play T-Walsh in the context of a strong NT short club system
Something else
I don't understand this poll

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