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I have been struggling with the ACBL's decision to readmit Lanzarotti.

He may not be the worst of the worst, but I find the decision to readmit him shameful and disgusting.

We asked for transparency; now we know that we will have to play against a convicted cheater. Yes, he was only convicted of using UI but anyone with half a brain knows that any player who knows what it means when his partner puts 3 fingers on the table and acts on it is a cheater. It appears he also lied in two readmission hearings, but there is no punishment for those additional ethical violations. 

Should I refuse to enter events in which he is playing? Should I refuse to play against him at the table? Should I reserve these most severe actions for players that have been convicted of the most severe bridge offense, premeditated collusive cheating? 

If we are going to refuse to play against convicted cheaters and the ACBL is going to readmit them, do we need to form a new league, or at least find a way to organize serious events we can play in?

These questions are hard and I don't yet have answers. 

But I just took one concrete action that might help: I cancelled my room at the host hotel. I will pay more for a room that is further away as an act of protest. 

As you may know, the ACBL commits to a certain volume of rooms. If less rooms are booked they pay a significant financial penalty. For the Honolulu NABC, this was well into the six figures.

In the long term I want the ACBL to be successful financially, but we need to send them a message that readmitting cheaters is not OK. I think for them to notice we have to hit them in the pocketbook.

I will not stay in an ACBL room block during 2019, and I am encouraging others to do the same. This means:

1. I just cancelled 11 nights in Memphis

2. I will not book 2 rooms (my family is coming) for 11 nights each in Las Vegas.

3. I will not book 6 nights in SF

The ACBL will lose 39 room nights from me as a direct result of their decision to readmit Lanzarotti.

If you want to send a message, I encourage you to do the same. The onpeak website lets you specify a reason for cancellation; I cited the ACBL's decision to readmit convicted cheaters to make the impact clear. I found a Courtyard, a Hilton Garden Inn, a Holiday Inn, and a Westin within walking distance (under a mile). The first 3 are about $40 a night more than the Hilton; the Westin is a little over $100 a night more. I believe the deadline to cancel Memphis without penalty is Jan 15.

Yes, I will have a walk to and from the playing site. I will proudly walk with others who have made the same decision.


Let's see how many room nights we can cost the ACBL to send a very clear message about this decision. Post what you are doing in the comments.

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