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West hols J  KQ98 J842 Q965

East opens 1 and South overcalls 4. 4NT from West and Pass from North and 5 from East. Pass, pass. North asks what 4NT was and is told minors. North doubles. This runs back to West who now calls 5

East-West are not a regular partnership but have played together several times recently. 5 is doubled by North, ending the auction. Before the opening lead, West announces that 4NT was 2 places to play (East disagrees but there we are).  I attempt to point out that West should have called the director to announce the misexplanation but neither East nor West are interested. 

It was a 100% board for us but my question is whether 5 was influenced by East's explanation of a non-existent agreement.


Clearly influenced
maybe influenced but scared of the double
no reason to believe influence was involved

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