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There are mistakes and then there are MISTAKES. 


One particular forget that seems to blow double digit swings is 2 natural over a precision 1 opener and its counterpart 2 Michaels. When someone forgets this treatment the resulting damage can be catastrophic. 


Someone else said recently here that once you forget this, because of the magnitude of the bad board, you are scarred for life. I prefer to call this 'tatooed' since you'll have a bad memory. I mean, unless there's gross UI that gets acted on and doesnt end in an adjustment these hands don't end well. It's not like some 2 IMP loss. 


In Chicago, we lost and an early GNT match when yours truly forgot 2 was natural and gave up 1100 which was the margin of victory.


Yesterday it was my partners turn. Red/red I pick up Q8xx x x AKQxxxx and i hear (1) 2 (3). Eschewing a slam try I just shoot 4 knowing that if I get x'd I'll know exactly what's going on and scamper to 5.  Partner held 9x AQxxxx xx Txx. The opponents let me rot and I gave up 700 the hard way. This actually shouldn't have been a terrible result since 5 is cold on the layout but our teammates club stopper in 3N wasn't exactly robust. 


So, have you been 'tatooed'?

Yes, multiple times.
Yes, and I'll never forget this again
Yes, but I play Precision and I'm quite the tatoo artist!

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