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Team Kranyak (USA 1) Adds...

About a month before the trials, Kranput all of his energy into convincing the four of us to enter the trials four-handed. "Boys, the world championships are in Bali. We are going to Bali, we are going to win a Bermuda Bowl.", he said. Humoring him, we agreed to enter, since for the Kevins and I, it was just a short drive down the road to Orlando. You know what happened next.

So here we are... after the most amazing week of our bridge careers, with this surreal decision of who to add as our 3rd pair. We are so excitedto announce that we asked Bobby Levin and Steve Weinstein to join our team and they said yes.

This whole experience has been a dream come true... and now with the addition of two of our closest friends we begin our march to the ultimate goal of any bridge player's career : The Bermuda Bowl.

Thanks again to everyone who has been so supportive along the way. See you in Bali!

Gavin Wolpert, JohnKranyak,Kevin Bathurst, Kevin Dwyer, Steve Weinstein, andBobby Levin

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