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Team Monaco does NOT withdraw from French competitions

Last week-end ( September 19-20) was played the Finale Nationale d'Interclubs, a Teams event gathering 26 teams who had previously qualified in regional events.

This year Team Monaco qualified for the final, F-N playing of course in early stages of the competition. And on September 19th the Zimmermann team was indeed here, playing four-handed: they finished second.

We do NOT understand what happened. Monaco withdraws from the Bermuda Bowl and not from this competition ? It is a sheer insult to the French players, telling them "ok we bave been cheating on you for years, we qualified this year playing with a pair of shameful cheats but ...we just don't care"

We asked French authorities and French pros if they were shocked by Zimmermann's presence but only collected embarrassed answers such as "we can not forbid them to play (Mr. Z might sue us )" or 'they would have qualified playing without FN !!"

These lousy arguments only reveal that the people before mentioned live in fear of Mr. Z cutting his subsidies to French bridge. Had a pair from any team composed of smaller players been caught cheating I cannot imagine the French apparatchiks reacting the same way.

But there is more to it. On October 24th starts the Division Nationale 1 (the DN1, the most prestigious Teams competition in France), won by Monaco more than once, each time with FN of course. Winning last year earned them the right to play again in he DN1 this year. Is Monaco going to show up in the DN1? It is whispered that the French Federation could allow the Zimmermann team to add a third pair although registrations have been closed long ago. It would be absolutely against a few rules of the DN1 but again..who cares ?

We would love the French Federation to enlighten us on this last but very important point.



PS: The FFB could maybe get some advice by a renowned expert, Massimo Lanzarotti (of the famous "Racecars pair" caught cheating with fingers) who has been allowed to play in the DN1 to come, along with other pros in the Zaleski team (another team with a sponsor).

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