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Thank you for a wonderful time

This is my first day back from SD - a long anticipated vacation. 

I played every day with most enjoyable partners (Ed Judy, Jim Perkins and Sumit Daftuar), shared apartment, meals and jokes with Carol Frank and Claude Vogel (Claude may never smile, but he makes Carol and me laugh ALL THE TIME), and we even got George Jacobs to join us for dinner and ice cream. 

I am not going to write up hands in this post, although several are memorable: raising partner's favorable preempt on a void does NOT work well, returning partner's suit is generally a good idea, and I am sure everyone will have the opportunity to read how Claude played 5 in a 3-2 fit (down 1). We did well against some world class opponents, and not so well against some others. We had our share of bidding accidents, frustration and "taking a (wrong) view" situations and we missed day 2 of both team events by few places and ~2VPs (that kind of result makes me linger on e-v-e-r-y possibly missed opportunity I had to do better). Nonetheless, I had GREAT time and I just wanted to thank all the people that made it so. 

Next time we may have better results, but I can't imagine a better company. Oh, and I LOVE San Diego.


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